Essential Oil Therapy

The essential oil of a plant is the essence or as the Chinese would say, “Jing” of the plant.

It is lipophillic, meaning it can cross the skin barrier and go directly into the blood stream. Common lipophillic Western medications are pain patches, hormone patches and the nicotine patch. So, we have several examples in Western medicine of how internal medications can be administered through the skin.

Essential oil therapy is akin to taking herbal formulas. The way I prescribe essential oils is a custom blend with directions for application to specific acupuncture points. Like herbal formulas, the dose, number of oils, types of oils and the acupuncture points used are based on a individual patient’s treatment plan. Unlike traditional herbal therapy, only upon rare occasion (and direct medical supervision) do I prescribe them orally.

I learned this form of herbalism from Jeffrey Yuen, the 88th generation Jade Purity School Daoist teacher I’ve had the good fortune to study with over the last decade. He is a blessing, a true wealth of information. He has had a profound impact on the way I practice medicine.

Several conditions can be treated with essential oil therapy:

Hormonal imbalances ranging from infertility to menopause



A variety of pediatric health concerns

Physical and emotional traumas

Weak immune system

Skin problems

And many more…

If you would like to explore the possibilities of essential oil therapy, simply schedule a New Patient Appointment!