Medical Massage

We offer types of Medical Massage from all over the world-from Asia to Sweden. Massage is a very popular, versatile modality. People find massage to be a key part of their self care because of the relaxation and pain relief they get from a good massage. The ensuing deep relaxation is a signal that the autonomic nervous system has been affected–the parasympathetic (eat, rest, relax) aspect activated and the sympathetic (fight or flight) part deactivated. Deep healing has the opportunity to occur when we are in this relaxed state. Acupuncture, and many other healing modalities have also demonstrated the ability to promote parasympathetic activity.

The Chinese have been developing the art of Medical Massage for centuries. Two different, yet very useful types of Medical Massage are Tui Na and Abdominal massage.  Tui Na is used for adults and children. In fact, Tui Na is the preferred method of treating children until the age of 8. Dr. Rozenn often uses Tui-Na to treat children with: asthma, stomach pain, allergies, weak immune system, stress, insomnia, bed wetting, digestive complaints, failure to thrive, etc. During treatment, parents are taught key massage moves that they can apply at home. Medical Massage and a little light herbal prescription like peppermint tea can go a long way!

If massage is part of your prescribed treatment plan, it may be covered by insurance.

Our massage clinicians are highly educated, allowing us to provide massage therapy as a true Medical modality.

Below is a list and brief description of the types of Medical Massage we offer:

*Pediatric Tui Na*–is the traditional style of pediatric treatment massage in China, very popular with children. Acupressure points are used to establish a harmonious flow of qi through the channels, boost the immune system, expedite metabolism, and treat a variety of internal disorders. Dr. Rozenn prefers this method of treatment for her little patients instead of acupuncture when appropriate.

*Abdominal Massage*–Read about this amazing modality on the Abdominal Massage page!

*Swedish*–provides deep relaxation and muscle relief with long, rhythmic, muscle strokes. This full body massage treats muscle tension in the entire body, as well as focusing on problem, tight areas. A must for the stressed out, aching busy person.

*Hara Shiatsu and Tui Na for adults *–Magali Brecke provides these types of massage. Read more about her here!

To schedule an appointment for Pediatric Tui-Na, book an appointment with Dr. Rozenn. Our adult massage appointments are 50 minutes, 80 minutes, or for a real treat, book two 50 minute massages back to back. To schedule, call us at 831.426.1093, click here or email us at