Philosophy of Healing

I believe that inherent in life are valleys of suffering.  Sometimes we experience physical suffering, sometimes emotional. Often the two are intertwined. As a health care provider, I feel a great deal of compassion for my patients, appreciation for their courage and admiration for the commitment they have made to their health. In the most basic sense, pain is an indication that something is wrong, yet it can open a door for us.  It is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, how we work and what influence we can exert over our lives and circumstances.

It takes courage to make that first step and book an appointment. The first visit includes an in-depth medical history and it is not uncommon for people to break in to tears while describing what ails them. I see each person as an individual. There are many different causes of pain and disease.  My job during this first visit is to ask questions, listen and get to the root of the problem. Through listening, the ancient art of pulse taking, hara diagnosis and the interpretation of laboratory work, I look for the core of each person’s disharmony and how to unravel it.

The methods I use are varied and the ones I employ completely depend on the person I am treating. Often I will use acupuncture. The first written book describing acupuncture techniques dates back over 2,000 years. It is called the Ling Shu, which translates to the “Spiritual Pivot” or “Spiritual Compass”. Now why would a book on acupuncture be given such a name? The characters comprising the title, the Ling Shu, depict divinity emanating from the heavens and people on earth reaching up to grasp it. In its highest sense, acupuncture can be used to change direction or guide people back to themselves, thus resolving their symptoms.

Treatments may also include heat therapy, diet and lifestyle counseling, massage and herbal prescriptions. While the Chinese have used the same herbs for thousands of years, the science of Chinese herbology is by no means stagnant. The marriage of traditional applications with modern research is the wave herbal medicine’s future.  Additionally, I may also order conventional blood tests as well as cutting edge tests that assess hormonal balance, food sensitivities, parasite or bacterial infections and environmental allergies.

Education is the backbone of my healthcare practice. This empowers people to make choices that will affect their health. On the whole, my patients are well educated, highly value their appointments and are sincerely trying to change their health. As their health shifts during our work together, they absorb the knowledge of how their body operates  and learn to live healthier lives.  I feel grateful and honored to be a part of this process for such a wonderful group of patients.

The art of healing and compassion is a spiritual practice. I find great satisfaction in helping others change their health. Teaching Masters, Doctoral and Tutorial students as well as writing books are other facets of my work. However, clinical practice teaches me about what I am most passionate about—energetics, so I can guide my patients in their healing process and achieve a greater understanding of how the world works and our place in it.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Maureen Rozenn