Patients Speak

“I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I appreciate you all and your clinic.

I am grateful to find a practitioner who truly cares about my health.”


Good Morning Dr. Magic Rozenn,

I just had to tell you that my ovulation monitor showed 2 bars this morning!!!
That means it has detected an LH surge, as you know.
What is mind blowing is that it came so SOON! WOW! (althought I know it can be a pcos thing…)
Fingers crossed…

Thank you again for all that you do!

This patient went on to become pregnant twice more, here is her experience in her words:

Little Ava, conceived less than three months after our work together.

MIss Ava Jane

Dr. Rozenn was a God-send to me while trying to conceive our first baby, Ava. I had always known I would have trouble conceiving due to irregular periods since the age of 12, but not one doctor could ever give me a reason why? Not one doctor was willing to seriously discuss or diagnose me with PCOS, which is what I was suffering from for years. Very frustrating!
Not only did Dr. Rozenn teach me about my body more than I could have asked for…her treatments felt to me…miraculous! After my first treatment, I felt “different.” And as she explained to me the purpose and goals of my treatment plan, which also included dietary changes and herbs and vitamins, I was able to better understand, as well as feel like I was taking an active role in my treatment. I looked forward to those treatments every week. Within one month I ovulated and the next month, we conceived Ava!
I continued my treatments through my first trimester and I couldn’t have felt more cared for and listened to during those sensitive weeks and months than I did by Dr. Rozenn. If I could have had her as my ObGYN doctor, my doula, and in the delivery room, I most definitely would have! And in all honesty, she was there in spirit as well as in a few supportive text messages only a few hours after I was admitted to the hospital. It’s like SHE KNEW when I went in to labor!
I am happy to say that we are now expecting our second baby this summer, but in the same breath, it was not nearly the same experience without having the guidance and care of Dr. Rozenn. We moved out of state about a year ago and I have missed her care and support greatly throughout this pregnancy. Luckily though, I was able to apply some of her dietary recommendations which I believe helped me to achieve a viable pregnancy a second time.
It is with a full heart and endless gratitude that I recommend Dr. Rozenn to any woman or couple struggling with fertility! She will change your Life in more ways than you can know. Maggie G.~North Carolina

“The effectiveness of your treatments defied all odds.”

I am research scientist, and I have always been a little skeptical about acupuncture and other non-western medical practices.  After my experience with Dr. Rozenn, however, I enthusiastically recommend her for the treatment of fertility issues. My husband and I were trying to conceive for the second time and after a year, we saw an M.D. specialist in infertility.  He explained that Western medicine had no easy answer for my particular issue (my cycles were  short and he suspected I was ovulating before my eggs were mature), and recommended that I try meditation or yoga as a first strategy.  He also mentioned that there was a program available that combined standard infertility treatment with acupuncture.  After talking to a friend of mine (who recommended Dr. Rozenn), I decided to try acupuncture alone for three months and then reassess my options. Dr. Rozenn was willing to work with me either with or without parallel treatment from my M.D. and was positive but realistic about my chances of conceiving.  I appreciated that she did not discount the role of Western medicine in infertility treatment, but I opted for a non-parallel approach.  I decided to follow all of her recommendations to the letter so that I would have no doubts at the end of three months that I had given the process my all.  I changed my diet, took herbal and other supplements, saw Dr. Rozenn on a weekly basis and opted for abdominal massages from Brianna Brownfield (Dr. Rozenn’s assistant, whom I also enthusiastically recommend).  I noticed changes in my cycle within one month of starting my treatments, and within two cycles my standard headache (a hallmark for 12 years), did not accompany my period.  During my third cycle since start of treatment, I ovulated on day 14 for the first time in 7 years, and I am now thrilled to say that I am 11 weeks pregnant.  I am entirely convinced that it was the treatment program that I pursued with Dr. Rozenn that enabled my husband and I to conceive this baby. If you are in a similar situation, I encourage you to consider Dr. Rozenn and acupuncture as a treatment option.  I am so grateful that I was able to conceive without risking multiple births or spending enormous sums on IVF. This experience has convinced me to consider acupuncture among the practices I typically pursue to maintain my general health.  Thank you, Dr. Rozenn and Brianna! Rachel S.~Mountain View

I contacted Dr. Rozenn after learning of my miscarriage with my first pregnancy.  She was very helpful and reassured me that we could work pregnanttogether to cleanse and heal my body in preparation for a future pregnancy.  I had never received acupuncture before, but her gentle approach and knowledge about fertility put me at ease right away.  In combination with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and Maureen’s expert guidance, I am currently in my second trimester!  Sarah R.~Santa Cruz

I want to thank you so much for first of all helping my body be prepared to get pregnant and also helping to sustain the pregnancy. I don’t think I could have done this without your help.–Anonymous~CA

Dr. Rozenn is a confident and capable healer who generously gives her patients all her attention and focus when she is with them. The office environment and the staff (especially Brianna ’cause that’s who I mostly see) are so welcoming and comfortable. The things I especially love about the way she runs her practice: she spends plenty of time at the beginning of each session assessing where I’m at and what I need that day and at that time; she knows what she’s doing and she knows she knows what she’s doing; she doesn’t insist I do anything, she talks me through it. I could go on and on. She’s great and I encourage anyone to begin or continue their journey of healing with her. Bree C.~Moss Landing

I highly recommend Maureen as an acupuncturist.  I am currently seeing her for fertility and anxiety issues.  She is thorough, listens intently and is so encouraging; I feel so confident that my husband and I will definitely move forward on our fertility journey with ease.  Her treatment rooms are quiet and comfortable; I never feel rushed.  I feel that for women’s health and fertility you can’t make a better choice than Maureen. Deborah N.~Scotts Valley

“THANK YOU!  Dr. Rozenn for giving me my life back and the enjoyment of living it again.”

Liver Disease

Text Book Accurate Liver and GallbladderDr. Maureen Rozenn is amazing and has been such a benefit in my life.  Before seeing Maureen I was a complete wreck.  I had so many health issues including liver disease. My doctors offered me no guidance, just drugs. I was at my lowest low.  Then I met Maureen and reluctantly scheduled an appointment for acupuncture.  Almost immediately, my skepticism turned to belief after my first visit.  She presented a professional yet calming atmosphere.  I quickly discovered that she was gifted and had a keen understanding of the human body and spirit. I left feeling there was help and hope for me.  That was over a year ago and Maureen’s diverse skills continue to benefit my health.  My liver function is optimal. My depression and anxiety are tremendously improved.  In fact, my improvement has been so great that my husband recently began seeing her for treatments too. I am grateful to have Maureen and her wonderful staff in my life.  Pam C.~Santa Cruz

So I was getting Western treatment for Hep-C and knew the side effects were going to be nasty. I started going to Maureen for help with that. Long story short… With average once a week treatment from Maureen I was able to finish the interferon and am still virus free. Her treatments reduced the side effects. I was able to stay active. I have seen her for a number of other issues and she has helped me with all of them.?One of the first things you sense is that she truly is in to what she is doing and she is very results oriented. Phil M.~Scotts Valley

Two weeks ago I started triple therapy for Hepatitis C. Dr. Rozenn has helped me a great deal with the side effects. I see her the day after my interferon shot and each time after her treatment my nausea and headaches disappear . I’m well the next day and can continue with my normal life. As far as I’m concerned she is a miracle worker. Gerlinda d.~Santa Cruz

I went to see Dr. Rozenn for abdominal pain in the area of the liver. I’ve had treatment in the past, twice, from good acupuncturists who were able to resolve the issue in a few weeks, but it returned years later. In the course of Dr. Rozenn’s treatment, all kinds of deeper causal issues were discovered due to her excellent understanding of acupuncture and body-mind processes, and because she LOOKED deeper which the other doctors didn’t do. With Dr. Rozenn, we resolved the surface symptoms, just like the other doctors, but then directed my treatment toward the underlying causes, and I am very happy about that! It means REAL healing, instead of just a surface adjustment. I am making progress in a way that before treatment I was just resigned to being a life struggle. Lee M.~CA


Irregular/Painful Periods

Women with Menstrual PainI felt so much better after my appointment with you yesterday.  I think the treatment you gave me really helped.  Today I feel a shift and the world’s worst period has started to subside.  Thank you for your gifts of healing, I so appreciate all that you do.–Anonymous

Dr. Rozenn is truly the most knowledgeable and conscientious healthcare provider that I have ever had the pleasure of going to (and I have seen numerous western medical doctors and specialists and alternative practitioners such as naturopathic physicians and chiropractors). The environment that she creates is very supportive and allows you to feel very comfortable in being candid with her regarding your health concerns. I have been a regular patient of Dr. Rozenn’s for only 2 1/2 months and I already feel like I have made remarkable progress. In this relatively brief period of time, Dr. Rozenn has been able to help me with some longstanding issues related to digestive problems and menstrual irregularities; I was amazed by how quickly I started to notice positive results from her treatments. Also, her evening and weekend office hours and online appointment system are very convenient. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rozenn to my friends or family members. Jess S.~Santa Cruz

“WOW, What they say about you on YELP! really is true!”

Interstitial Cystitis (Bladder Pain)

I…have outstanding news, I am due to start my cycle tomorrow and have had no pain in my bladder this month! Its amazing news after living with this chronic and overwhelming pain for over a year. Anonymous


I admit that I was skeptical about acupuncture treatment, but it did cure my allergies to the point I didn’t need western medication any more. All very worth it and I highly recommend the treatment to anyone. Bill P.~Scotts Valley

I began seeing Dr. Maureen Rozenn two years ago. Then I had suffered from chronic, year-round sinus problems; joint, muscle and inflammation pain; frequent illnesses; and many other maladies it is now hard to recall.  I found going to Maureen as a first time Acupuncture client to be comfortable and reassuring. She was thorough in explaining everything she was doing. It was obvious her treatment plan was designed individually for me, and that she thought a lot about what was best for my personal situation.  Maureen’s holistic approach has completely ended almost all of my symptoms, and lessened those that have not fully resolved. I am healthy in a way I have never been healthy in my life. Thank you Maureen. Leah F.~Santa Cruz

Pain Relief

In a short time, Maureen has relieved my degenerative L5 lower back pain significantly.  She has also helped me with migraines, neck pain, allergies and more.  I’m a huge fan – she listens on many levels and is informative and understandable.  Along with her extensive education and experience, I also trust and appreciate her intuitive sense.  Maureen has a calming presence and good humor.  I agree with other review about not ever feeling rushed, the focused individual attention and soothing environment……I recommend her highly to anyone for anything – everyone for everything! Melanie O.~Santa Cruz

I had muscle pain for 15 years and tried everything, including  hypnosis, massage, rolfing, and Western and Eastern medicine and everything in between with no luck. Until I found Dr. Rozenn. In desperation I decided to try acupuncture one more time.  She has changed my life!  She is an extremely talented acupuncturist (and I have been to enough different ones to know a good one) and extremely professional.  She operates her clinic on time and is absolutely respectful of her client’s issues. I would recommend her to anyone. Pam D.~Santa Cruz

I’ve been seeing Doctor Rozenn for many years. Her treatments are so effective, I will drive all the way from Oakland to visit her Santa Cruz office! Her treatments for my occasional neck spasms, deliver instant relief of pain with improvement in range of motion right after a visit. I also like the convenient, online appointment system – you can also call in and talk to the nice and friendly staff.  Dave B.~Oakland

Amazing!  An acupuncturist who listens and is extremely educated from both an Eastern and Western perspective.  Dr. Rozenn has been helping me heal chronic pain from multiple old injuries I got as a competitive ice skater.  I’m actually able to move with ease again! Lisa B.~Felton

17367359_sI have had back pain for over twenty years and have had minimal results with many other health providers that I have worked with. In only a few months my back pain has pretty much disappeared. I am very impressed and would strongly recommend Dr Rozenn. Japsper B.~Santa Cruz

Dr. Rozenn, you have been such a blessing for me... ever since I left the doctor’s office in agonizing back pain a few years ago and was told ‘there’s really nothing you can do’ and found you online… you’ve not only made me pain free, but you’ve really opened up my eyes to listening to one’s body and what it’s trying to tell you. The cleanse was such a rewarding experience as well, and we’re definitely going to go for it every year now. Carolyn S.~Santa Cruz

“I love it here, I love it here so much. You should charge everyone but me more!”

Digestive Problems

Dr. Rozenn an amazing acupuncturist. I started seeing her 2 months ago for a chronic digestive problem. I had been diagnosed by three different GI specialists as having IBD, microscopic colitis, ulcerative colitis and Chrones. I was only getting sicker on corticosteroids and antibiotics, and my symptoms were limiting my activities and impacting my quality of life. Within two visits, I started to improve. Now, 7 treatments later, following Dr. Rozenn’s nutritional advice, taking 3 Chinese herbs and a tincture, I have found complete relief from my symptoms. Dr. Rozenn is calm, astute, supportive and thorough. I  find her rich background of information and skill lead her to take the right steps in treatment. I feel safe under her care and blessed to have found her through my primary physician’s recommendation!  Susie T. ~Boulder Creek

I came to Dr. Rozenn’s office after having a gastric by-pass that had lots of complications.  I could not eat or drink…I was just too nauseated.  So I either ended up going to urgi-care and getting bags of IV fluids or i ended up back in the hospital.  All’s i knew at this point is that I didn’t want to live the rest of my life in this manner.  I thought many times of just “offing” myself.  Then my friend got me into see Dr. Rozenn.  I don’t remember much of this first visit except that she really listened to all i had gone through and the symptoms i was having.  She then took me to a room where she  took my pulses ( yes,  you have more than one) she looked at my tongue and made her plan.  She really had her work cut out for herself…there was the nausea, and other digestive problems, depression, to my extreme back pain not to mention the other health problems of diabetes, hypertension etc.  Each visit she would come in talk and take my pulses and make her plan for the needles that day.  Her treatments got me out of my chair that I had been unable to get out of for over a year and back to being able to eat and drink a little at first. Also she worked on getting me back on track of wanting to live again.   I just finished doing my first marathon and have more planned.  THANK YOU   Dr. Rozenn for giving me my life back and the enjoyment of living it again. Judy J.~ Capitola

Chronic Illness

Brilliant! Dr. Maureen Rozenn truly stands out among the rest.  Her eclectic background allows her to access each patient’s individual needs. I recommend her to the seasoned veterans of acupuncture as well as first timers. She explains the entire process to you and the only surprise you will encounter is the relief you will feel being under her care.  Therese P.~ Santa Cruz

Maureen has made me a believer!   She is by far the best medical professional I’ve ever seen. She truly listens to my body and has taught me how to do the same.  I never feel rushed or uncomfortable during an appointment and she has helped me overcome a chronic issue that I’ve battled for over 10 years. She is the best! Haylee W.~Santa Cruz

Dr. Rozenn helped me clear up a longstanding condition when I was facing surgery. Also, when I was coming down with the flu, her treatment stopped me from getting sick. She is very thorough and a great listener. She also works well alongside conventional western healthcare and always encourages me to listen to the advice from my primary care physician. From my experience, she is a very dedicated, effective, and conscientious healer. Valerie M.~Santa Cruz

Dr. Rozenn is a healer.  Her approach to treatment is mindful of the individual’s unique experience–it appears to me that Dr. Rozenn practices on the principle that nobody’s suffering is shaped quite the same way as another person’s suffering. Dr. Rozenn is intellectual, intuitive, compassionate, professional…and I daresay ethereal.  Her techniques are precise.  Her evaluations and diagnostics are deliberate and thoughtful.  She truly wants to know the person behind the physical person she is treating.  I have no doubt that her work is authentic and effective. I truly thought in the months after getting clean that I would never feel normal again…let alone full of the joy, clarity, and vitality I’ve reclaimed in light of the healing process.E.B.~Santa Cruz


Having suffered from chronic insomnia for eight years and tried many, many avenues of help, I would like to thank and counting-sheepcompliment Dr Maureen Rozenn (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Santa Cruz) for having used her knowledge and skills to cure me of this debilitating problem.   She gently guided me through  Eastern medicine’s idea of treating insomnia through understanding better digestion and lowering stress.   Within a week of her treatments I was sleeping six to eight hours nightly.   I feel a different person and would like those who also suffer from insomnia to know about this course of action. Thank you, Dr Rozenn! Jan G.~ Santa Cruz



maureen knows her shit! she has helped me to understand and learn to control my pain and depression in a way i didn’t think was possible. she is always supportive and honest. i highly recommend her for any little problem one may have. Brooke D.–Soquel

ok, so: i had a pair of really great acupuncturists back east before i moved to CA, and i’m still blown away by how awesome maureen is. how awesome is she? she’s so awesome i’ll be driving all the way to SC from the mission once a week over the summer for the sole purpose of staying in treatment with her, even though SF is crawling with acupuncturists. if i weren’t such a slacker (and if it wouldn’t be weird), i’d be baking her cookies on a daily basis. seriously: daily.

i first started seeing maureen last November, after being out of acupuncture treatment for 4 months because of moving across the country. when we first met, i was at a point where the state of my health (mental and physical) could really only be termed “acute crisis”: i couldn’t even get through the (incredibly thorough) health history forms without verging on breaking down. six months later, the differences are stark – and she’s been incredible with helping me deal with some other chronic health problems that have resurfaced since then as well.

i could go on and on, but i’ll leave you with this: my favorite thing about maureen is the fact that she seems *really* to enjoy educating people about acupuncture and about their bodies. she doesn’t mind answering questions, no matter how many i throw at her (and i am just full of questions); watching her test out points (and resultantly getting to observe some fascinating cause/effect relationships in my own body) is probably one of my favorite things about my appointments at her clinic. she doesn’t give orders and absolute pronouncements about what you should or shouldn’t do/eat/drink/whatever; rather, she’ll explain how X can affect your Y (by Z mechanism), suggest that you might want to consider doing ABC, and then let *you* figure out that she’s right through your own trial and error (and oh, she’s always right…even when you and your rock-n-roll lifestyle really hope that somehow, she’s not). she can recommend both eastern and western supplements, is a rockstar about all things female health related, and will research an answer for next time if she doesn’t know it off the top of her head. the students who help run the clinic are really nice, too. W.E.B.~San Francisco

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