Opportunity for Free New Female Fertility Patient Visit in Doctoral Program

Since the publication of the first research trials demonstrating dramatically higher pregnancy rates when acupuncture is combined with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) more than a decade ago, the demand for highly trained Oriental medicine practitioners knowledgable in the field of Read more

Testosterone, The Overprescribed Hormone

Prescriptions for testosterone creams, injections and patches have risen dramatically over the last decade. Why? Because it works! That's right. Testosterone supplementation makes many men have more energy, increased libido, gain muscle mass, feel more positive about life. Having Read more

National Infertility Awareness Week, Listen Up!

   In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, we are giving a free, signed copy of my book, Your Fertility Program to anyone who requests it. Simply come to the office for your paperback copy while supplies last. Struggling to get Read more

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!

I feel that it is incredibly important to educate the public about endometriosis because it is so common One out of 10 women will be affected by it during their reproductive years. Endometriosis described a condition in which tissue, Read more

East-West Liver & Systemic Detoxification Program

"?I can’t begin to explain how wonderful I feel after completing the Liver Detox Program with Dr. Maureen Rozenn. I’ve been on a long journey trying to become a healthier person and really felt I’d come a long Read more

Menopause—A Natural Life Transition

Dr. Rozenn

beautiful healthy woman touching her faceI was asked three times this week by my patients if I work with women going through menopause. Almost everyone knows someone between the ages of 42-55 who is going through “the change”. Since I have extensive post graduate training in Women’s Health, and I do a lot of fertility work, it makes sense that I would also help women through menopause….right?


For most women, menopause is a shift that happens over a period of years. It is a naturally occurring transition that every woman goes through. During this time her hormone levels undergo severe fluctuations. Progesterone and estrogen decline as ovarian function decreases, but luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) increase as the pituitary attempts to stimulate the ovaries and induce ovulation.

Sound complicated? It is!

Basically, during this transition women have too much of some hormones and not enough of others. As their bodies try to adapt to these dramatic hormonal shifts, women can experience symptoms such as: night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, irregular menses with profuse bleeding and more!

So how can a natural process be so uncomfortable? Some women, about 25% have no menopausal symptoms. One day their menses simply ceases. Other women enter menopause with yin and yang imbalances due to prolonged overexertion (such as working full time, raising children, attaining higher education and being the emotional support system for the whole family, whew!). This makes them more likely to experience symptoms during menopause.

What can a woman do? First of all, she can accept this shift as a gift, even though it may not always feel like a gift. Women part with precious energy every month through bleeding as a consequence of being fertile. It is part of our physical makeup to give of ourselves to nurture others. As a woman moves into a new phase in life, she no longer has to part with this energy. She can keep this resource for herself. Post menopause can be a time for women to focus fully on themselves, their needs and wants.

Oriental medical theory asserts that during menopause women are prone to yin and yang imbalances. I truly enjoy supporting women through this transition with acupuncture, herbal therapy and diet and lifestyle counseling. Through supporting the body to attain a new balance between yin and yang, these modalities can reduce unpleasant menopausal symptoms such as: hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, profuse menstrual bleeding, etc.  

The result is a stronger, healthier woman who can enter gracefully into the next phase of her life.  

Finding the Right Practitioner-Understanding Acupuncture Licensure & Scope of Practice

Dr. Rozenn

warm acupuncture headI received an email from someone in our community last week that really impressed me. She was accurate in her assessment and precise in her question: “What makes your practice so different than most licensed acupuncturists?” I’m sure many people have the same basic questions about education, licensing etc., so I posted her email and my response. Her email is in Read more

Tests Your Western Doctor May Not Offer

Dr. Rozenn
6742871_sIn the ever evolving world of evidenced-based medicine, you want a doctor who keeps up on the latest diagnostics! Unfortunately, it takes time for medical schools to incorporate scientific breakthroughs and avenues of exploration into their curriculum, leaving it up to your doctor to stay informed and up to date in their medical practice. Therefore, “cutting-edge” laboratory tests can take decades to become the “standard of care”. Functional Medicine bridges this gap between research and practice. Dr. Rozenn practices Functional Medicine, bringing you the best of Western diagnostics and Eastern healing techniques.

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April is IBS Awareness Month!

Dr. Rozenn

Do you have abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, nausea and fatigue?  You are not alone! Digestive problems are incredibly common.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from these symptoms:

1.   Don’t realize how many of their friends, family and co-workers struggle with the same problems

2.   Feel alone, helpless and embarrassed

3.   Don’t know that Oriental medicine can be incredibly effective!

Digestive disorders range from hemorrhoids to “heart burn” to loss of appetite, and everything in between. One common Western diagnosis given to people with chronic diarrhea, constipation or abdominal pain is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This complex disorder that afflicts up to 20% of the world’s population!  You may have heard IBS be referred to as an “incurable disease” by your physician.  Read more

Oriental Medicine for the Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Aspects of Depression

Dr. Rozenn

harmony-character.jpgDepression is a healthy response to traumatic or overwhelming events. After a short period of “feeling down in the dumps” people typically recover and get on with their lives. For some however, feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, irritability and hopelessness are unrelenting and can greatly impact their quality of life.
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Your New Year’s Resolution-Making it Stick

Dr. Rozenn

holistic-health-picsNew Years Resolutions can be tricky. For some of us, it involves setting idealistic goals which only sometimes, if we’re lucky, pan out. So what makes for a successful New Years Resolution, and how can we make beneficial changes last. Read more

Fertility Focus: Men

Dr. Rozenn

sperms-meet-eggI’m sorry to say it, guys, but its true: you are part of the fertility equation. In fact, you have just as much influence over conception, miscarriage and baby’s health as your partner. The good news is that you have enormous potential to change your fertility! Did you know that every three months you get a totally new crop of sperm? That’s right! Unlike women, who are born with all of the eggs the will ever have, you make new sperm constantly! Read to learn some simple things you can do to change your fertility, an excerpt from my book, Your Fertility Program.

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Your Fertility Program-Thyroid Help!

Dr. Rozenn

bellyThe following is an excerpt from the “Challenges to Pregnancy Chapter” in my book, Your Fertility Program.

Are you worried about your thyroid?

Are you concerned that it may impact your fertility?

Read on for more information about this common problem.

From Your Fertility Program: Read more

Vitamin D & Women’s Health

Dr. Rozenn

Vitamin D has gotten a lot of press over the last few years. From bone strength to fertility, the uses of vitamin D, as both a nutrient and a hormone, continues to increase as research accumulates and our understanding grows.

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Progesterone–The Over Prescribed Hormone

Dr. Rozenn

22851505_s“Natural” progesterone supplementation is the cornerstone of many holistic physician’s treatment plan for Women’s Health issues such as:

PMS & Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Perimenopausal Symtpoms

         Infertility, especially Luteal Phase Defect (LPD)

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