Why Thermography?

Thermography is considered a somewhat controversial test. Some people say it is not an important screening method to detect breast cancer, while others consider it a critical tool in early breast cancer detection. The function and purpose of the Read more

Light, Life & Love-Brian's Story

Anecdotal stories from my practice are interesting, and they really bring the point home (forgive the fun" that Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is an amazing medical system that can be used for so much more than pain syndromes.  Brian is Read more

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast cancer is only one of the many breast issues facing women today. Fibrocystic breasts, breast pain that waxes and wanes with the menstrual cycle, as well as a suspicious mammogram or thermogram, we women have a lot to Read more

Opportunity for Free New Female Fertility Patient Visit in Doctoral Program

Since the publication of the first research trials demonstrating dramatically higher pregnancy rates when acupuncture is combined with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) more than a decade ago, the demand for highly trained Oriental medicine practitioners knowledgable in the field of Read more

Is Testosterone Overprescribed?

Prescriptions for testosterone creams, injections and patches have risen dramatically over the last decade. Why? Because it works! That's right. Testosterone supplementation makes many men have more energy, increased libido and muscle mass, in addition to feeling more positive Read more

Ring in the New Year Right!

Dr. Rozenn

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Below are the top 3 desired changes as expressed by my patients for 2014:

  1. Loose Weight-How can we help? Improve liver and gallbladder function, stabilize nervous and endocrine systems, define “healthy foods” according to individualized diagnosis. Many of our patients loose weight as a side effect of treatment. They are not even trying, but because they are systemically healthier, they drop 5-15 lbs with little to no effort!Harmony
  2. Quit Smoking-Are you a closet smoker? It is so challenging to be a smoker in California (and New York and several other states now!) Rather than investing in cigarettes, which you know will always leave you wanting, invest in a comprehensive program to get you healthier and tobacco free! The Quit Smoking Program is one week long and designed to minimize the mental, physical and emotional withdraw symptoms ceasing smoking creates. This package represents over a 25% reduction in price. Why? Because as a former smoker, I feel it is imperative that we offer this program at the lowest price we can. Join the non-smoking crowd!
  3. De-Stress. How did we all get so over scheduled? Remember when not everyone had a planner? People had days off. How do you excel in a world that values constant productivity? Well, while you may not be able to change your circumstances, you can always change the way you interact with your circumstances. It is possible to have the same amount of work and responsibilities with less anxiety. Thus leading to better sleep, digestion, mood stability and more friends! Well, that last part depends on if you are an extrovert, but you get the idea.

As “clean” as our diets are, as little toxins as we think we ingest, as zen as we may believe ourselves to be, we can always refine ourselves and our habits. This endeavor is at the root of preventative medicine. Ring in the New Year by treating yourself to personalized, whole body health care to help you attain your highest level of health and well being. Schedule Today!

East Meets West in Colorado Springs

Dr. Rozenn

I have just returned from the Reproductive Medical Center and Fertility Center (RMFC) in Colorado Springs where I completed a preceptorship and co-authored a research study on acupuncture and IVF.

I feel so fortunate to be the only acupuncturist from the Santa Cruz area who has done a preceptorship at RMFC, the fertility clinic with the largest database of acupuncture + IVF patients in the world. During this training I observed artificial reproductive medicine techniques (ART) such as IVF, IUI, and ICSI (a fertilization technique used to combine sperm and egg during IVF). It was an amazing view into the world of Western reproductive medicine. While I have been using Oriental medicine for several years to enhance fertility naturally and in combination with ART, Read more

The Essence of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Rozenn

Having just returned from the International Women’s Health Seminar in Costa Rica, I feel compelled to share my experience with you. We discussed the heart of Oriental and Integrative Medicine–addressing the individual patient’s constitution in conjunction with treating disease manifestations and symptoms. For me, this seminar was very inspiring as it married several key concepts in my practice:

* How a person’s constitution plants the seeds that can give rise to symptoms and ill health

* The importance of strengthening the constitution first to facilitate deeper healing and the true resolution of symptoms

* Factors that slow or interfere with the body’s ability to heal, thus turning an acute problem into a chronic one such as: hormonal factors, poor digestion, structural issues, toxicity from drugs or environmental influences, stress and nervous system/adrenal gland imbalances

* The specific relationship between structural issues and gynecological problems

Would it surprise you to know that Read more

International Women’s Health Seminar

Dr. Rozenn

I am so excited to be attending the seminar, “Gynecology, Fertility and Promoting an Easy Labor” in Costa Rica. It will be taught by one of my esteemed Japanese Acupuncture teachers, David Euler. Topics will include:

  • Menopause Support
  • Infertility Causes and Solutions
  • Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts
  • Irregular Cycles, PMS
  • Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery

The timing couldn’t be better, given that this month is National Women’s Health Month. While I am away, Jessica Parker, LAC, MTCM will be seeing patients on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I will be back in the office on Saturday, August 21st and look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, Four….

Dr. Rozenn

 Chronic Insomnia is a heavy burden to carry. A night of poor sleep guarantees irritability, poor memory, and/or nagging fatigue the next day. What if you had insomnia for 8 years? How would the a good night’s sleep change your life?  Read my patient’s account of her struggle with, and resolution of, chronic insomnia:

I am a 71-year old woman in generally good health, but for eight years I suffered from chronic insomnia and tried every possible Western medical treatment to alleviate this condition. I have, for example, been to an accredited sleep clinic, Read more

Acupuncture & Cancer Treatment

Dr. Rozenn

I am frequently asked by patients if I treat cancer. Often, they are looking for help for a famly memeber or friend who has been receintly diagnosed. In California, licensed acupuncturists are not allowed under our scope of practice to treat cancer. HOWEVER, there there are several ways that acupuncture can help patients who are being treated for and recovering from cancer. Please read the following article from Acufinder to learn how Chinese medicine can benefit cancer patients.
Read more

Acupuncture Improves Sperm Counts and Motility

Dr. Rozenn

sperms-meet-egg and no, its not just because you think it will…

The following is an abstract from a very interesting study conducted in Germany. It has been well established that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicinals can dramatically improve semen parameters. But why? Is it the “placebo effect”? Not according to this groundbreaking research, the Correlation of psychological changes and spermiogram improvements following acupuncture.

Read more

New! Fertility Program for Couples

Dr. Rozenn

happy-indian-coupleMillions of couples in the United States struggle with infertility. In 2/3 of couples the “problem” does not clearly lie with the female or the male; both partners have some degree of subfertility. For example, she may have irregular cycles and he may have a boarder line low sperm count. In this common scenario, the optimum chances for conception are reached when both partners enhance their health and boost their fertility. Several research studies have demonstrated that Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can drastically improve: sperm counts, morphology, motility and Read more

Constipation, Diarrhea & Stomach Pain, Oh My!

Dr. Rozenn


Do you have abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, nausea and fatigue?  You are not alone! Digestive problems are incredibly common.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from these symptoms:

Read more

Health Insurance That Gives You Choices

Dr. Rozenn

Want better coverage for your acupuncture care?

There are a number of options available to you. You may qualify for a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Arrangement. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an alternative Read more