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Why Thermography?

Thermography is considered a somewhat controversial test. Some people say it is not an important screening method to detect breast cancer, while others consider it a critical tool in early breast cancer detection. The function and purpose of the Read more

Light, Life & Love-Brian's Story

Anecdotal stories from my practice are interesting, and they really bring the point home (forgive the fun" that Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is an amazing medical system that can be used for so much more than pain syndromes.  Brian is Read more

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast cancer is only one of the many breast issues facing women today. Fibrocystic breasts, breast pain that waxes and wanes with the menstrual cycle, as well as a suspicious mammogram or thermogram, we women have a lot to Read more

Opportunity for Free New Female Fertility Patient Visit in Doctoral Program

Since the publication of the first research trials demonstrating dramatically higher pregnancy rates when acupuncture is combined with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) more than a decade ago, the demand for highly trained Oriental medicine practitioners knowledgable in the field of Read more

Is Testosterone Overprescribed?

Prescriptions for testosterone creams, injections and patches have risen dramatically over the last decade. Why? Because it works! That's right. Testosterone supplementation makes many men have more energy, increased libido and muscle mass, in addition to feeling more positive Read more

Light, Life & Love-Brian’s Story

Dr. Rozenn

sun and moon yin and yangAnecdotal stories from my practice are interesting, and they really bring the point home (forgive the fun” that Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is an amazing medical system that can be used for so much more than pain syndromes. 

Brian is a wonderful, polite, markedly intelligent 6 year-old boy. He struggled with pronouncing words that contained the letter “L”. For example, “light” became “night” and “life” sounded like “knife”. Brian went to a speech therapist, but his Dad wanted to support him in every way possible. A patient of mine for many years, Brain’s Dad had become accustomed to being surprised by the many applications of Oriental Medicine. He felt, Read more

East-West Liver & Systemic Detoxification Program

Dr. Rozenn
Detox Shake…I can’t begin to explain how wonderful I feel after completing the Liver Detox Program with Dr. Maureen Rozenn.”
“I’ve been on a long journey trying to become a healthier person and really felt I’d come a long way – but I actually didn’t realize how crappy I was still feeling until I started to feel so much better!!
The program is so simple and Dr. Rozenn tailors it to each patient’s specific needs. The actual plan requires a 3 week commitment and includes a weekly acupuncture with Dr. Rozenn…I’ve never experienced something like this before and, for me, it has resulted in some significant lifestyle changes. To be honest, I finished my 3 weeks but have now modified it so that I can continue following it for a few more.  I highly, Read more

January is Thyroid Awareness Month! Treating Thyroid & Adrenal Issues with Functional Medicine

Dr. Rozenn

Functional Medicine, a new term for balancing Yin and Yang.What is functional medicine? This question always makes me laugh. It implies that those who do not profess to practice “functional medicine” by default, practice “dysfunctional medicine”. But that little joke aside, Functional Medicine refers to a way of incorporating sophisticated Western diagnostics with natural therapeutics such as Western herbs, diet and nutritional supplementation. Functional Medicine also denotes a deeper understanding of how different organ systems relate to each other. For example, sub-par thyroid function can cause increased cholesterol and infertility, even if commonly ordered blood tests show the thyroid hormones to be in the normal range.

As a doctor who practices Functional Medicine, a key aspect of my practice is incorporating Western laboratory results and imaging reports with Western and Chinese herbal therapy, Western and Eastern dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements and acupuncture treatments.

Read more

Community Acupuncture-Points to Consider

Dr. Rozenn

“Prior to being under Dr. Rozenn’s care, I had only been to community acupuncture. I now liken that to getting a chair massage in the mall, and then realizing how life-changing a full-on spa massage is! The way she gets to the root of the problem and then continues to delve on each visit until symptoms clear up is so amazing to me.” Lisa Marie, G. ~ Felton

I have been asked several times about my experience with community acupuncture. People want to know if it really works that way in China, if I have ever provided it, and my thoughts on its efficacy.

Treating patients along side my adviser in China in what is called a “community acupuncture” setting was an invaluable experience. The room was about 200 sq. ft. There were tables lined up along all sides, chairs in the middle and semi-private partitions were available to 4 people at a time. Patients were in various stages of undress. There was no privacy, no HIPPA, no informed consent. The whole room would listen to patients discuss their miscarriages, back pain and bowel movements. Most patients received electro-stimulation. I remember one patient with trigeminal neuralgia enduring deep facial needles with electricity. My adviser would laugh at the thin Japanese needles and gentle techniques I use in the United States! No dietary advice was given. Very rarely were herbal formulas prescribed or laboratory testing requisitioned. No lifestyle counseling was considered. It was eye opening to me–seeing patients treated in this manner and I realized it could never, ever be duplicated in the United States. Even in Santa Cruz, most people are not willing to be half naked and discuss their bladder pain in front of strangers (or friends for that matter!). But China has a different culture, and there this model works. Read more

MOvember-The Power of the MO

Dr. Rozenn

While October was Breast Cancer awareness month, in November (MOvember) we turn our attention to Men’s Health. A “mo” is a term for a mustache.

Movember is a Men’s Health Awareness Movement in the US highlighting Prostate Health, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health.

One platform, Prostate Health is an issue that does not get a lot of press, though millions of American men suffer from some type of urinary or sexual concern related to the prostate. The prostate is a little organ next to the bladder. Symptoms of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) are as varied as the causes of prostatitis. Prostatitis can be due to acute or chronic bacterial infections, and it can be idiopathic (cause is unknown). This last diagnosis is especially frustrating for men, as they can suffer from an array of symptoms such as: pain or Read more

New! Cupping Available at Endless Possibilities Acupuncture

Dr. Rozenn

CuppingOne of the advantages of our new office at Plaza de la Cruz is the space to have a complete cupping station. In order to provide cupping to patients, a practitioner needs space for to properly sanitize and store cups. Many people have seen pictures of cup marks, but the process and applications of cupping therapy are mysterious. Read more

Is Your Food Poison or Medicine? The Modern Answer to an Age-Old Question

Dr. Rozenn

“What is food to one person may be bitter poison to others.” This expression originated in the first century C.E. Even the ancient Romans knew that the same meal may be nourishing to one person and detrimental to another.  But, how do you know what is your food, and what is your poison? Further, what if the meal that nourishes you today is toxic to you tomorrow? Food sensitivity testing was developed to help you discover what diet is best for you!

I remember the time before this testing was available. The only way to ascertain food sensitivities was to go through a food-elimination diet that could last for months. I can attest, from personal experience, that this was a miserable process. Then, almost 20 years ago, the first food sensitivity panel came on the market. It only measured IgG immune reaction to four foods, but even this small test helped people avoid their acne, eczema, migraines, fatigue, weight gain, indigestion, constipation, sinus & respiratory issues,etc! Read more

Finding the Right Practitioner-Understanding Acupuncture Licensure & Scope of Practice

Dr. Rozenn

warm acupuncture headI received an email from someone in our community last week that really impressed me. She was accurate in her assessment and precise in her question: “What makes your practice so different than most licensed acupuncturists?” I’m sure many people have the same basic questions about education, licensing etc., so I posted her email and my response. Her email is in Read more

Tests Your Western Doctor May Not Offer

Dr. Rozenn
6742871_sIn the ever evolving world of evidenced-based medicine, you want a doctor who keeps up on the latest diagnostics! Unfortunately, it takes time for medical schools to incorporate scientific breakthroughs and avenues of exploration into their curriculum, leaving it up to your doctor to stay informed and up to date in their medical practice. Therefore, “cutting-edge” laboratory tests can take decades to become the “standard of care”. Functional Medicine bridges this gap between research and practice. Dr. Rozenn practices Functional Medicine, bringing you the best of Western diagnostics and Eastern healing techniques.

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April is IBS Awareness Month!

Dr. Rozenn

Do you have abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, nausea and fatigue?  You are not alone! Digestive problems are incredibly common.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from these symptoms:

1.   Don’t realize how many of their friends, family and co-workers struggle with the same problems

2.   Feel alone, helpless and embarrassed

3.   Don’t know that Oriental medicine can be incredibly effective!

Digestive disorders range from hemorrhoids to “heart burn” to loss of appetite, and everything in between. One common Western diagnosis given to people with chronic diarrhea, constipation or abdominal pain is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This complex disorder that afflicts up to 20% of the world’s population!  You may have heard IBS be referred to as an “incurable disease” by your physician.  Read more