Opportunity for Free New Female Fertility Patient Visit in Doctoral Program

Dr. Rozenn

yin-yang-male-femaleSince the publication of the first research trials demonstrating dramatically higher pregnancy rates when acupuncture is combined with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) more than a decade ago, the demand for highly trained Oriental medicine practitioners knowledgable in the field of reproductive medicine has drastically escalated. Unfortunately, the demand for fertility specialists has outpaced available training in this specialty.

One consequence of this is that there are several licensed acupuncturists who boast a “Reproductive Medicine” or “Fertility” specialty with very little formal education in this field. Perhaps they attended a seminar or two… It makes me sad because I think it is misleading to the public to claim a specialty without the solid education to back it up. Additionally, on the whole, fertility patients are very vulnerable group. Over and over again I’ve seen them choose practitioners who claim a specialty in this area-usually-but not always based on price point of treatments only to waist time and money. Then a year or two later, they end up at my door. This is why I teach Reproductive Medicine in Five Branches University’s Doctoral Program. And we need YOU!I am very impressed with the evolution of Five Branches Doctoral Program and their Women’s Health specialization option. I was brought in this year as an advisor to improve the Women’s Health specialization. I felt it was critical that at least 1/3 of the Women’s Health classes focus on fertility…and they agreed!

This October I am teaching the second part of my two part Oriental Reproductive Medicine series for Doctoral students. Licensed acupuncturists, interested in learning more about fertility, who are not enrolled in the program may also attend. We will be covering several common impediments to pregnancy such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve
  • Thyroid Disfunction
  • And many more…


We will also be discussing how to increase the My colleague, who I have taught with before and have a tremendous amount of respect, for will be teaching a section on Western Reproductive medicine. Dr. Christo Zouves, who can be reached through his website, GoIVF.com, is truly an expert in his field, with a holistic perspective including cutting-edge technology and dietary therapy.

Part of this course will focus on teaching licensed acupuncturists how to improve the outcomes of IVF and other Western fertility therapies. There is so much a knowledgable and skilled practitioner can do to boost success rates of intra-uterine insemination, improving the actions of fertility medications while decreasing side effects, etc.

This is YOUR chance. Part of the class is a practicum where patients are treated in front of students. You have the opportunity to have your first treatment for free (a savings of $250.00)! I will then accept you into my practice as an existing patient.

Who do you know who needs this opportunity? Who do you know struggling with infertility and unsure of where to go or which way to turn? Tell them about this chance! They can contact my office via phone or email: Office@AcupunctureSantaCruz.net for more information and to schedule.

Fertility patients are a vulnerable group and it is hard to know who is really a “Reproductive or Fertility Specialist” and who is not. Come be treated by an established expert in the field while helping other licensed acupuncturists learn the basics of this exciting and expanding field!