East-West Diagnostics

As an Integrative Medicine practitioner, Dr. Rozenn utilizes more than one type of diagnostic testing. She employs the Classical Oriental Medicine pulse, abdominal (hara) and tongue diagnosis. Dr. Rozenn combines her findings with appropriate Western laboratory/imaging to give her patient an individualized diagnosis. Once an accurate, thorough diagnosis is obtained, she devises an individualized treatment plan.

Certified in Western Laboratory Analysis, Dr. Rozenn employs both cutting-edge and conventional Western tests which may include: blood, saliva, urine and stool analysis, in addition to X-rays or ultrasounds.

Dr. Rozenn can requisition a variety of tests including:

  • Male & Female Hormone Panels
  • Food Allergy/Sensitivity Panels
  • Comprehensive Digestive Analysis
  • Parasite & Microbiology Stool Testing
  • Reproductive Ultrasounds & X-rays
  • Semen Analysis
  • Thermograms-Including Breast Thermography
  • Thyroid Hormone Panels-Including Auto-antibodies
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panels
  • Adrenal Profiles
  • Liver Detoxification Panel


Dr. Rozenn does her best to provide access to laboratory testing irrespective of insurance coverage. She belongs to a Doctor’s Co-Op under which she can offer standard blood tests for a fraction of the list price. She also makes cutting-edge tests, such as the Adrenal Profile, available to her patients at the lowest possible rate.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Education is the cornerstone of Dr. Rozenn’s practice. Not only can she requisition a variety of Western tests and combine the results with traditional diagnostics, her prerogative is to teach YOU, her patient, how to interpret your body’s signs and symptoms. Your body is trying to communicate with you. Dr. Rozenn will teach you how to listen.

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