Fertility Friendly Lifestyle: BBT, Diet, Yoga & More

Want to live a fertility friendly lifestyle, but don’t know where to begin?

Check out these suggestions:12045750_l

1. Determine your fertile days and your fertility profile.

You can download this Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart and make copies of it to discover your individual fertility profile.

Blank Basal Body Temperature Chart

For detailed instructions on how chart your fertility signals, including cervical position, cervical fluid and basal body temperature charting, please see my book, Your Fertility Program.

Of course, good old fashioned ovulation detection strips (LH surge strips) available at Costco and most drug stores, may detect lutenizing hormone (LH) in your urine, which typically means you will ovulate in about a day. However, these are not a good option for those with PCOS as they are apt to yield false positive results.  women with PCOS, they can yield false positive results. Also, LH may onlly be detectable for 6 hours, so you may miss the signal.

2. Incorporate Yoga for Fertility into your Daily Life!

Restoring Fertility, Yoga for Optimal Fertility is a DVD made by two of my esteemed colleagues, Dr. Brandon Horn and Dr. Wendy Yu. It features different yoga poses geared to enhance each phase of your cycle. It is available at amazon.com.

3. Embrace the Fertility Diet!

yourfertilityprogrambookcovers2Finally! A comprehensive diet plan that takes the best of Western research and combines it with ancient Chinese dietary wisdom!  I must admit, I couldn’t find a diet out there that satisfied me in terms of both general advice and fine tuning for specific conditions. So, I wrote my own. For extensive dietary advice, see my book, Your Fertility Program.