Your Fertility Program-The East/West Plan

“A few years ago, Maureen helped our family grow from 2 to 4. The attached photo of our twins was taken when they were a few months old. Thank you for everything you have done for our family.” -Bree, Santa Cruz

People seek out Dr. Rozenn during each stage of their fertility journey. Dr. Rozenn has helped young women with endocrine disorders become pregnant, and women over 50 with postpartum depression.

Women often see Dr. Rozenn because they were diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), miscarriages, or some other impediment to pregnancy. and a healthy birth.  Additionally, Dr. Rozenn has extensive experience helping women with autoimmune conditions (such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis), inherited fertility issues (yes, infertility can be passed down from generation to generation, there are many studies that show this) and recurrent miscarriages become mothers.

Men also seek out Dr. Rozenn’s assistance in their quest to become fathers. She has helped several men improve their sperm parameters such as: motility, count and liquefaction. Just as the women’s health and vitality is essential to a healthy baby, so is the man’s!

Sometimes couples need an East-West approach to infertility to achieve their ultimate goal, a healthy baby. Dr. Rozenn reassures patients that the importance lies not in HOW they conceived, but in their health and vitality as well as Baby’s!

For example IVF is often the successful treatment if: the male partner has zero sperm in his ejaculate due to a blockage or genetic condition, a single woman wants to conceive, or a lesbian couple wants to be parents. In all of these scenarios, potential parents have an impediment to conception that will not be overcome without Western intervention.

East/West Approach to Fertility Enhancement

Clomid is one of the first-line ovulation enhancing drugs for the treatment of infertility. It may be prescribed by OB/GYNs or reproductive endocrinologists (REs). While it can induce ovulation, ironically, it can also inhibit key fertility processes such as the formation of a thick endometrial lining, which is necessary for implantation, and the formation of healthy cervical fluid. Other drug treatment options include Femara, and the broad category of “gonadotropins”.

For these female patients, Dr. Rozenn’s treatment plan often includes acupuncture treatments to detoxify the liver and facilitate ovulation. Depending on where the individual couple’s conception difficulty lies, she may see a woman three times between cycle day 1 and ovulation, and once just after ovulation. Or she may encourage a man to wait 10-12 weeks before undergoing this Western therapy to maximize his sperm health, then see him for acupuncture treatment just before intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or IVF. When herbal formulas and nutritional supplements are prescribed for women during a Western medicated cycle, Dr. Rozenn takes great care to increase the chance of success, while minimizing the hormone stimulation side effects. She monitors her patients very carefully and will often talk to her patient’s reproductive endocrinologist (RE) during Western treatment cycles. Only a very experienced herbalist should offer herbal prescriptions in conjunction with Western hormonal drugs.

Dr. Rozenn teaches licensed acupuncturists how to utilize herbal formulas during Western fertility treatments. Most acupuncturists claiming a Fertility Specialty in the Santa Cruz area have taken classes or apprenticed with Dr. Rozenn.

Even though IUI  or IVF may be used to facilitate conception in couples when the semen analysis indicates poor sperm parameters, ideally, the male partner will not rely entirely on Western intervention, but will undergo practices to engender healthy sperm. Sometimes men absolutely need to participate in this process to become fathers.

IVF is a very popular option for couples where: she is older, he has a very poor semen analysis and/or there are physical impediments to conception and pregnancy such as severe endometriosis or scarring of the fallopian tubes. For these couples, Dr. Rozenn combines modern research with ancient diagnostic principals and treatments. She uses the proven Cridennda/Magarelli Acupuncture Protocol (CMAP), as well as other research based treatments. Simply combining these guidelines with her patient’s unique Oriental Medical diagnosis can yield amazing results.

The CMAP has been shown to increase healthy baby births by up to 50%!

To read more about Dr. Rozenn’s preceptorship and research background with the amazing duo-Dianne Cridennda, LAC and Paul Magarelli, MD, FACOG click here.

While Dr. Rozenn works with women at the very beginning of their IVF cycle, or any Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) for that matter, she prefers to start their treatment much earlier. From an Oriental Medical perspective, the potential for conception and a healthy pregnancy is much greater with a solid foundation of preparation. Dr. Rozenn prefers to meet the parents-to-be at least four months prior to ART to map out an integrative treatment plan.

“I really enjoy helping a couple conceive. It may be a long journey, or it may be just a couple of months. From preconception, through the ups and downs of pregnancy, to the birth of a healthy baby, fertility enhancement is by far one of the most gratifying aspects of my practice.”-Dr. Maureen Rozen

For more information on East/West Fertility treatments, see Dr. Rozenn’s book, Your Fertility Program.

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