Men’s Fertility Program

Millions of couples in the United States struggle with infertility. In approximately 1/3 of subfertile couples the problem” lies with the male, the next third is comprised of couples where both male and female partners have fertility issues, and in only 1/3 of couples the root of infertility is based with the female.

In other words, most of the time the  BOTH partners have some degree of subfertility.

For example, she may have irregular cycles with scant cervical fluid….and

he may have a boarder-line low sperm count.

In this common scenario, optimal results are obtained when BOTH partners enhance their health and boost fertility. Several research studies have demonstrated that Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can dramatically improve fertility parameters in men and women such as: sperm count, morphology, motility, uterine blood flow and fertility hormonal balance.

If over 1/2 the time the male has a role to play in fertility enhancement, why is it so common for only the female partner to undergo fertility treatment-in both Western and Eastern medical models?

The answer to this great question is multifaceted. One powerful reason that women seek fertility treatment far more often is that cultural bias tends to place the burden of fertility on her shoulders. Additionally, the overwhelming majority of Western fertility treatments are geared towards females. There are very few options in Western medicine for men who want to improve their fertility. Clomid, a drug used to induce ovulation sine the ’60’s is now available to increase sperm counts. Other than that drug, there is no standard Western treatment available to boost male fertility. While the reach of Western medicine is limited in this capacity, Oriental medicine has countless herbal formulas, acupuncture treatments, dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements to enhance male fertility.

Guys, you can improve your fertility: Sperm Count, Motility and Morphology!

The following is an abstract from a genius study done in Germany. It demonstrates that the positive effects of acupuncture can not be written off as the “placebo” effect. Read on to discover how German researchers put acupuncture to the test for male infertility.

Correlation of psychological changes and spermiogram (semen analysis) improvements following acupuncture.

“The purpose of the study was to find the correlation between the effect of acupuncture on fertility and psychological effects. To investigate its influence on male subfertility, 28 patients received acupuncture treatment after informed consent. We evaluated subjective parameters by written psychological tests, while objective parameters consisted of measuring concentration, volume and motility in the spermiogram before and after acupuncture. There was a significant increase in sperm quality in all parameters but volume. The psychological test showed no change caused by acupuncture. Hence, we believe, that the effect of acupuncture on sperm quality is not caused by placebo-mechanisms.”

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