Fertility Diagnostic Testing

little-feet1There are many options in terms of laboratory and imaging tests when it comes to both male and female fertility evaluation. The triad of key factors critical in accurate interpretation of these tests are: timing, specialized laboratories and Integrative Medicine Evaluation.  This combination can lead to the best medical advice, appropriate for each patient/couple. While every treatment plan is different, typically a combination of Eastern and Western diagnostics will be used to paint a picture the fertility patient’s profile and address the specific needs of each patient.  Therefore, it is important that patients have a working knowledge of commonly ordered fertility tests. This allows them to be their best advocate in their health through a deeper understanding of their health.


We often use Quest and LabCorp as accessible laboratories in the area for blood hormone tests. There are several  hormone levels that can and should be monitored through blood analysis. However, because the hormones in your system are constantly changing, WHEN you get your lab work done is almost as important as the test preformed. Cycle day 3 is a very common period for assessing a hormonal baseline. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Estrodiol (E2), Testosterone, Prolactin, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Progesterone, Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) and a complete Thyroid Panel are all common Cycle day 3 blood tests that Dr. Rozenn can not only order at a lab near you, she can interpret them for you and determine if and when further testing is necessary. Additionally, for patients who do not have insurance coverage for Dr. Rozenn’s services, she offers testing at a substantially reduced rate through her participation in a Doctor’s Co-Op, which negotiates drastically decreased prices for these tests many of her patients need.

As fertility is related to the whole body, she will often order additional tests that give her background information about her patient’s general well-being such as a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile including Red and White blood cell levels,  Liver Function and Enzymes, plus a Lipid panel.

When the strength or quality of ovulation is in question or recurrent miscarriage is in her patient’s past, Dr. Rozenn will also order a 7 day post ovulation Progesterone test.

Specialized Laboratories

Specialized Laboratories are critical in attaining data and sending detailed reports to the ordering physician. Dr. Rozenn has learned through years of experience that a Semen Analysis should be done throughbeautiful swirl yin and yang a fertility clinic capable of detailed fertility-centered analysis. She can also order tests for women through fertility clinics such as: an antral follicle count, a saline ultrasound and a hysterosalpingogram.

Dr. Rozenn also uses cutting-edge laboratories to assess Adrenal Function through Saliva Testing. Through an Adrenal Panel, we can see the daily fluctuations of the adrenal hormones. This is a central test to determine is a patient is suffering from “Adrenal Fatigue”.  Another test that can help patients become parents, through promoting whole body health, is the Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Panel. This test has the ability to look for both food allergens and food “sensitivities”. Prior to the development of this class of tests, food sensitivities could only be sussed out through an elimination diet. the results of which can be difficult to determine. Now, there are several tests available to look for food intolerances.  Food sensitivities can be serious contributors to thyroiditis, failed implantation, endometriosis, and many other reproductive issues.


A key piece of Dr. Rozenn’s ability to help her patients is her education and her experience with countless fertility patients and couples. Central to her treatment is her refined ability to diagnose patients in a dynamic way, from both Eastern and Western points of view. Not only does she rely on the same Western diagnostic testing a Reproductive Endocrinologist may use, she also employs Classical Chinese diagnostic tools of pulse and tongue reading and questioning, plus a Japanese form of visceral palpation and diagnosis. In Modern China, all gynecological patients use Basal Body Temperature (BBT) testing. Dr. Rozenn can incorporate this information with all of her other diagnostic measures to guide her patients down their path towards family building.

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