Postpartum Recovery

T w:babyYou’ve Done It!

After nine (really ten) months of pregnancy, you have your reward; your family has grown. Only, now you can’t sleep, your back hurts, and you are so very tired.

The postpartum period is a delicate time for both Mom and Baby. During delivery Mom lost a lot of energy and blood through delivery.  Whether the birth is completely natural, medicated, induced or a C-Section, all births come with their particular struggles and paths back to health.

The following is a partial list of common issues Moms face postpartum:

  • Pelvic PainThe pelvic bones shift and move to accommodate a growing baby and delivery. Sometimes they do not automatically slip back back into pace post pregnancy, which can cause discomfort. Also while a cesarean section can be lifesaving, it is a major surgery that Mom needs to recover from WHILE caring for a newborn. It is essential that Mom fully recovers from a C-section or the scar tissue may cause issues health issues (one common sequella is low back pain).¬†
  • Back PainThis common postpartum issue can manifest as neck, upper back and mid back pain muscular pain. Sometimes low back pain is purely muscular, but often this condition can involve sciatic nerve pain, tailbone, sacroiliac joint pubic bone and lower vertebral pain.
  • Insufficient Lactation-In Chinese medical theory, breast milk is derived from blood. During delivery and for weeks after birth, Moms loose blood. It is not difficult to understand how the quality and quantity of breast milk can influenced by Mom’s vitality and state of health. Mastitis and breast pain can also be complications of breast feeding that acupuncture, and Oriental medicine can successfully treat.
  • General Fatigue and MalaiseRecovering from birth, whether it was natural labor or C-section delivery, sleep deprivation finding time to eat, all while and looking after a newborn can leave Mom get tired!
  • Depression/Anxiety and Feelings of OverwhelmThere is a huge range between full blown, deep postpartum depression and transitory feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. While it is wise that women suffering from postpartum depression be seen by a mental health specialist, acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be very calming and rejuvenating for new Moms.


We enjoy giving new Moms the treatment they need. They may be prescribed herbal formulas to assist in recovering their energy, lactation support, pain, etc. They can also be treated with acupuncture and heat therapy (moxabustion). Family, friends and support people can be taught the ancient techniques of Mother Roasting to further support Mom.

Mother Roasting

Mother Roasting is a form of postpartum care offered to Moms who need support during this period. Sound like every new Mom you have ever known? Just about every Mother can benefit from this care. After birth, Mom is vulnerable to pathogenic influences such as wind, cold and dampness. She should be wrapped up, the heater should be turned up and/or the fire place should be crackling. Herbal formulas specifically formulated for postpartum care are essential during this time. The Chinese believe Mom should avoid getting her hands or body in cold water. Her food should be warm and nourishing. We have several recipes appropriate for postpartum patients. Both dietary therapy and moxabustion are essential components of Mother Roasting. It is a perfect compliment to acupuncture and herbal therapy.