Grand Opening Celebration Re-Cap!

Dr. Rozenn

With a little help from one of my patient’s kid, we cut the ribbon!

Ribbon Cutting a Wonderful Success!

It was a flurry of activity! Patients, friends and colleagues came to celebrate our official Grand Opening on Friday, November 4, 2016.

People received signed copies of Dr. Rozenn’s book, Your Fertility Program, enjoyed tasty treats by Talya’s Kitchen and Dr. Rozenn’s sugar-free home-baked cookies!

At 5:30 we had our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the head of the Downtown Association, Chip!

At 6:30pm “The Elements of Life” talk was given by Dr. Rozenn, with an extensive tour of the clinic.

Engage the Elements of Life. Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese derived the concept of the interdependent elements of life. You are a microcosm of the universe. The mixing of wood, metal, water, earth and fire give life to our world-and the web of this interconnected relationship  is responsible for the balance in your life. Come learn, understand, and use these concepts in your life.

Come see us at  our new location, where Integrative Medicine unfolds.