Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a virus that causes liver inflammation. An estimated five million people are infected with this virus in the United States alone. For approximately 75% of people who contract HCV, it will become a chronic illness.

In addition to causing liver inflammation, HCV is associated with an array of symptoms and syndromes such as:

  • Joint Pain/Inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Depression & Irritability
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Autoimmune Syndromes
  • Muscle Pain
  • Foggy Thinking
  • Liver Pain
  • Headaches
  • “Feeling Toxic”
  • Reynaud’s Syndrome
  • Skin Sensitivity & Itching

Some people experience several symptoms, while others claim not to feel the disease on a day-to-day basis at all. The degree of symptoms one experiences is not indicative of: viral load, liver enzyme levels and liver histology.


In my practice I spend a lot of time talking with my patients about diet, exercise, herbal formulas and nutritional supplements. Each person with HCV needs an individualized treatment plan. There are a variety of formulas and supplements I use depending on how the disease manifests in each person. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can increase microcirculation, reduce inflammation and provide effective treatment for: mood disorders, insomnia, digestive issues…essentially all of the symptoms of HCV. What it can not do, I’m sorry to say, is cure HCV. I would like nothing more than to see a study, even a well documented case study, showing acupuncture or herbs cured HCV. I have not. Increased vitality and symptom reduction are attainable goals for many people using Oriental medicine, however a “cure” is not. Many of my patients come to me because they don’t feel well and several of their symptoms are listed as potentially due to HCV. However, it could be age, menopause or other complicating factors that are causing or contributing to their ill health, not HCV. Part of my role, is to help people navigate this disease and answer these questions.

My patients are a diverse group of people. I treat people in all stages of HCV and liver disease. I treat people with cirrhosis and those with very little fibrosis, people with many symptoms and those with none, people on Western drug treatment and those who want nothing to do with Western medicine.

Do you recommend the Liver Detoxification Program to people with HCV?

Sometimes. People with HCV may be candidates for the program if they do not have stage 3 or higher fibrosis, are not diabetic and are not on Western medication. It really is a case by case determination if the Liver Detox program is a good fit. I suggest that patients with HCV who are new to my practice schedule a New Patient Appointment first, so we can make a treatment plan.

For some people, drug therapy is their desired choice of treatment. The strong pharmaceuticals, interferon and ribavirin, are the backbone of Western Hepatitis C treatment. Patients with genotype 1 may be prescribed additional medications (referred to as triple therapy).  Unfortunately, most people taking these drugs experience unpleasant, and in some cases debilitating, side effects. Some of these side effects are ironically similar to the symptoms of chronic hepatitis C and can include: nausea, muscle pain, increased fatigue, mouth sores, skin rashes, insomnia, anemia, autoimmune diseases, severe depression, irritability, and anxiety. Oriental medical treatment can reduce these side effects.

My goals when working with patients undergoing Western treatment are: to enable people to stay on those anti-virals as long as needed, maintain their recommended dose, and thereby increase the likely hood that they will achieve a sustained viral response.


By helping people stay as healthy and strong as possible during this difficult time in their lives with acupuncture, herbal formulas and nutritional counseling. 

“Two weeks ago I started triple therapy for Hepatitis C. Dr. Rozenn has helped me a great deal with the side effects. I see her the day after my interferon shot and each time after her treatment my nausea and headaches disappear . I’m well the next day and can continue with my normal life. As far as I’m concerned she is a miracle worker.” Gerlinda d.-Santa Cruz

“So I was getting Western treatment for Hep-C and knew the side effects were going to be nasty. I started going to Maureen for help with that. Long story short… With average once a week treatment from Maureen I was able to finish the interferon and am still virus free. Her treatments reduced the side effects. I was able to stay active. I have seen her for a number of other issues and she has helped me with all of them.?One of the first things you sense is that she truly is in to what she is doing and she is very results oriented.” Phil M.—Scotts Valley

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