Herbs & Supplements for Clinic Patients

Dr. Rozenn feels strongly that her patients be afforded the highest quality herbal formulas and nutritional supplements at the best price. To this end she has negotiated with online dispensaries. The outcome is that her patients can order products that can be shipped strait to their door!

np-script-logoNatural Partners is Dr. Rozenn’s “go to” source for physician-grade herbal formulas and nutritional supplements. Patients simply need to plug in their user-code to obtain their individualized prescriptions at a 15% discount by¬† clicking here. If you need help ordering, you may call Natural Partners at (888) 950-2767 Monday-Friday 5:30am to 4:00pm. If you have lost your user-code please contact us through Office@AcupunctureSantaCruz.net or 831.426.1093.

Crane Herb Company is a wonderful modern resource for the traditional herbalist. For the sake of ease, Dr. Rozenn will try to find premade herbal formulas for her patients. However, sometimes this method will not suffice! There are times when patients need a personalized, handcrafted Classical Chinese Herbal Formula. For these patients, Dr. Rozenn utilizes Crane-West Herb Company, as they provide high-quality herbs that are tested for impurities and toxins. If Dr. Rozenn feels you need the services of Crane Herb Company, she will discuss this option with you. You should receive an email notifying you directly when your herbal formula is ready for pick-up. Please contact Dr. Rozenn’s office with any questions via phone or email regarding your order.

Kan Herb CompanyKan Herb Company provides high-quality herbal products to the United States and the whole world. Dr. Rozenn has written several professional articles for Kan Herb Company instructing licensed acupuncturists how to use their products for various fertility and Women’s Health care issues. Occasionally, patients need to go strait to this distributor for their healthcare needs. If this is the case, you will receive an email from Kan Herbs instructing you on how to place and pick up your order.

For all questions regarding herbal formulas and nutritional supplements from Dr. Rozenn’s office, email us at Office@AcupunctureSantaCruz.net or give us a call 831.426.1093.