Structural Acupuncture Pain Relief

women-neck-painCan acupuncture move bones? If a vertebrae is out of alignment, can acupuncture help?

According to Dr. Rozenn’s experience, the answer is YES!

Dr. Rozenn developed her Structural Acupuncture Treatments from several sources, spanning many years:

  • Japanese Acupuncture education in Structural Acupuncture Techniques from Kikko Matsumoto
  • Intensive Aikido training culminating in a second degree black belt
  • 18 + years as a student of the Feldenkrais Method® of Movement Education


“One morning, out of nowhere, something shifted and my back went out. I was actually stuck in an excruciating, unnatural position for over a month. Aside from chiropractic treatments and exercises, I was bedridden and unable to pick up my new baby. Dr. Rozenn used a treatment called The Four Corners for shoulder-back-pelvic alignment, and to my utter relief I was feeling 100% better the very next day! Dr. Rozenn healed my back in just 2 days, compared to months of chiropractic that did not come close. Her structural treatments are amazing! To put icing on the cake, Dr. Rozenn’s postural, dietary and supplement advice totally shifted the way I carried my body weight and my energy levels. I feel like a new person! Don’t bother going to anyone else, she is a cut above the rest!”~Structural Acupuncture Recipient

How does it work? What happens when someone makes an appointment with Dr. Rozenn for pain treatment?

  1. Dr. Rozenn takes into account the main complaint (ie. knee pain) and examines her patient. She looks at them standing, sitting, and in any position that illicits the pain.
  2. She then identifies the true origin of the pain (the twist or obstruction in the skeletal chain) causing pain. This obstruction may not be the place of pain itself. For example, people with knee problems often have ankle or hip problems that CAUSE the knee issues. The knee is where the pain is, but it is not the source of the problem.
  3. Her next move is to determine if there are any underlying factors contributing to the patient’s pain, such as metabolic, endocrine or nervous system dysfunction.
  4. Then, after she identifies the root of the problem, she treats her patient with an Individualized Structural Treatment that takes into account the past, present and the resolution of her patient’s pain syndrome.

What are treatments like?

Patients may be treated on a table, face up, face down or in a chair, depending on which aspect of the patient’s structural imbalance Dr. Rozenn targets. She will explain her treatment and what the patient should look for immediately following, a few days after-up to one week post treatment.

Patients know what to expect with Dr. Rozenn. She will suggest the ideal frequency and an estimation of duration of treatment after the first visit, as part of her comprehensive treatment plan.

She folds in the most important pieces of information: feedback from patients. She wants to know how YOU felt after each treatment, so she can perfect her treatment to better serve YOU!

For your step towards feeling better, schedule a New Patient Visit with Dr. Rozenn!