Individualized 3 Point Approach to Chronic Pain

“5 years of chronic pain, various practitioners visited with limited to no success… 5 weeks with Dr. Rozenn and the pain is gone.  Still baffled by a pain free existence, I’m willing my first born and all my best workshop tools to Dr. Rozenn.  She’s currently my favorite human, not to mention a complete medical wizard.” Jefferson S.~Santa Cruz

Pain can cause, and be caused by, many different factors. Acute injury can cause ongoing pain, if not treated properly or if the body is in a weakened state. Dr. Rozenn’s unique approach to treating chronic pain aims at getting to the root cause of pain.

Three components factor into Dr. Rozenn’s pain diagnosis and method of treatment:

  1. Metabolic/Hormonal/Immune SystemDid you know that chronic pain can cause adrenal fatigue, blood sugar imbalances and hormonal issues? Or that immune system problems such as allergies can contribute to chronic pain issues such as plantar fascitis? Typically, when someone has chronic pain there is some factor underneath the surface that encourages the body to be in an ongoing inflammatory state. For example, low back pain can be related to hormonal problems, and joint pain can be caused by improper blood sugar balance. Dr. Rozenn will take the time to identify and treat the underlying factors that enable the body to be in a state of chronic pain.
  2. Structural Analysis Dr. Rozenn has developed a unique method of acupuncture treatment to address the structural imbalances causing pain. For example, when you look at yourself in a full length mirror, does one shoulder look higher than the other? Does one hip look higher or more forward than the other? Believe it or not, your hips being out of alignment can cause shoulder or neck pain. The origin of your rib pain can be fallen foot arches. Your skeleton is meant to support your weight. Does it? When gravity does not fall smoothly through your skeleton, then muscles, ligaments and tendons have no choice but to take over as primary support. The resulting misalignment can be caused by acute injury, repetitive motion and everyday activities. Dr. Rozenn will look at your alignment and pinpoint your “kink in the skeletal chain”, so it can be corrected by her Structural method of acupuncture treatment.
  3. Traditional Acupuncture Methods-The most basic pain relief strategy taught in Masters Programs today is the Ah Shi Method–in English this translates to “stick a needle where it hurts”. Dr. Rozenn does not employ this strategy often, but will occasionally incorporate it into her overall treatment plan. The Ah Shi method of pain reduction is the most commonly taught method of acupuncture pain treatment in China and the United States. When Dr. Rozenn uses Ah Shi treatment, she first will release the area of pain (for example if the shoulder hurts, she will find acupuncture points that alleviate the pain), then to stabilize these effects she will place needles close to or in the site of pain. Electro-acupuncture is sometimes used in straightforward pain syndromes. Gua sha and moxabustion are also employed locally in the area of pain to accentuate the effects of Dr. Rozenn’s acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Rozenn’s comprehensive approach to pain comes from:

  • Advanced study of martial arts (she holds a second degree Black Belt)
  • Many years of studying the Feldenkrais Method® of movement education
  • Long-term, intensive study with Japanese Master acupuncturist, Kiiko Matsomoto
  • Treating acute and chronic pain in Chinese hospitals


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