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Integrative medicine is more than just offering different modalities. It is a style of medicine that incorporates different medical perspectives to produce an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Rozenn’s Style of Integrative Medicine

Educated by Stanford-trained physicians and famous Chinese and Japanese medicine teachers, Dr. Rozenn considers herself “bilingual”, meaning she cans speak both Eastern and Western medicine languages. She is well-versed in East-West diagnostics, Oriental modalities, drug-herb interactions as well as cutting edge testing and modern research. Thus, her treatment plans, grounded in Integrative medicine principals are broad-based and  effective.

East-West Diagnostics

  • Conventional Western laboratory testing, which may include: hormone tests, semen tests, cholesterol tests, etc.
  • Food Sensitivity testing such as: vegetarian profiles, omnivore profiles, even spices and herb reactions can be assessed!
  • Adrenal Panel provides information on the state of your adrenals. Want to know if you have adrenal fatigue or overactive adrenals? This test is for you.
  • For fertility patients Dr. Rozenn may also order specialized X-rays, ultrasounds or a semen analysis.
  • Classical Chinese Pulse diagnosis is complex diagnostic skill. The state and relationship of the organ systems is reflected in the pulse.
  • Tongue diagnosis yields information about the health of the organs and the state of one’s energy and blood. The vitality of the body as a whole can be assessed from using Traditional Chinese tongue diagnosis.
  • Hara diagnosis is a Japanese form of abdominal evaluation. Regions of the abdomen hold information about the uterus, liver, ovaries or prostate, heart, adrenals, and more. The state of one’s blood sugar balance, nervous system, immune system and endocrine system can be assessed by traditional Japanese palpation.


Integrative Medicine In Practice

In addition to Western and Eastern diagnostics, Dr. Rozenn takes a detailed medical history. Her new patient intake paperwork is detailed and includes a chronological life history section where you can write about milestone events such as: injuries, surgeries, illnesses, etc. She weaves all of this information into your individual health profile. Her style of practice enables her to see “the big picture”, giving her the ability to create a treatment plan utilizing holistic health modalities:


Chinese Herbal Formulas

Western Botanicals

Medicinal Essential Oils

Physician-Grade Nutritional Supplements

Heat Therapy

Diet and Lifestyle Counseling


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