Katie’s Corner

KatieIn 2011 Katie Tobiska had a headache that changed her life. Katie first tried acupuncture and Oriental medicine in hopes of finding relief from this unrelenting headache. Upon her first visit, the acupuncture point charts on the wall fascinated her. Her practitioner explained to her that through this interconnected system of channels and the points they contain, all functions of the body can be regulated. Literally, the writing was on the wall, and after that one treatment Katie applied to Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, where she later received her 4-year Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Katie’s fertility struggles brought her to Dr. Rozenn in 2012. An invaluable part of her learning Oriental medicine was receiving treatments from her teacher. Through this process, her understanding of the Medicine deepened, and she attained one of her life goals. Katie and her husband Jason welcomed their daughter Bianca into the world in 2013, after a problem-free and healthy pregnancy!

Before Katie’s infamous headache, she worked as health counselor at a Santa Cruz non-profit. In this capacity, she used her background in Health Promotion and Education to help people break unhealthy cycles that were deeply rooted in socioeconomic, familial, cultural conditions

Given her passion for helping people through education and her understanding of Dr. Rozenn’s structural pain treatments and Japanese acupuncture techniques, Katie was a natural fit for Dr. Rozenn’s practice. Dr. Rozenn was delighted to hire her as an associate.

Katie is excited to help you create the changes in your health that you are striving for. She passionately believes that each person has a unique set of circumstances that sets their health concern apart from anyone else’s. Though acupuncture, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle counseling and yin tuina, Katie can help you reach your health goals.

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