Why Thermography?

Dr. Rozenn

Thermography is considered a somewhat controversial test. The way it was explained to me was this:

Once upon a time the FDA wanted to see what form of diagnostic test was superior in detecting breast cancer. Ultra sound, mammography, thermography, and other diagnostic measures were in the running. Mammography won the contest because it appeared, within the time frame allotted by the study, that it was the superior devise for detecting breast cancer. HOWEVER, as data came in after the study, thermography was determined to be able to find breast cancer earlier-especially the inflammatory type of breast cancer which is particularly aggressive and targets young women.

Thermography offers an entirely different perspective on breast cancer detection. This is due to its focus on blood flow. Thermography can detect inflammation and circulatory changes consistent with cancer development, sports injuries, autoimmune issues, and more.

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We are proud to offer thermography to our patients by hosting an experienced thermographer, Debbie Martini, to deliver thermography tests and expand our world of laboratory testing. Debbie will be available for thermograms on Wednesday, January 14, 2018. To book an appointment, or make a reservation on the waiting list, email us or call our office. We would love to hear from you!